ARNO StoreManagerDUO
StoreManager DUO - the combination of a carousel and a drawer system.

Twice as good: ARNO StoreManagerDUO combines the advantages of a carousel and a drawer system.

Ideal for small companies or production cells: StoreManagerDUO is equipped with an upper section consisting of 360 individual compartments in a carousel system to store tools and small parts. The lower section has four drawers providing additional space for larger items. With the ARNO StoreManagerDUO you have everything under control and in view: indexable inserts, drill bits, milling cutters, holders, measuring devices, special tools and much more

Why not see for yourself and be impressed by the benefits of automated tool management – thanks to the ARNO rental scheme which comes with a 30-day trial period, no risk and no major investment. It brings the future to companies of any size.

Master module

• Module with PC, monitor, RFID reader and barcode scanner

• 360 individually locked storage locations and 4 drawers (individually locked)

Plus expansion module

• Every DUO Master module can be expanded by adding up to 2 DUO Plus modules

• Each module offers another 360 carousel storage locations and 4 drawers


Combined carousel and drawer cabinet – 360 individual compartments and 4 drawers

Ideal for small companies or production cells

All the benefits, no risk – with the innovative ARNO rental scheme

Connection to ERP systems via CSV interface

StoreManagerDUO Facts and Figures

  • Available in fixed configuration
    with 360 compartments and 4 drawers.
  • Individual compartment 180x large / straight
    Front width: 87 mm |
    Rear width: 68 mm
    Depth: 195 mm | Height: 53 mm
  • Individual compartment 180x “small / tapered”
    Front width: 87 mm |
    Rear width: 6 mm
    Depth: 195 mm | Height: 53 mm
  • Drawer 2x height 100 mm
    Inner dimensions usable: 612/612 mm
    Drawer 2x height 200 mm
    Inner dimensions usable: 612 x 612 mm

→ Data sheet StoreManagerDUO

15 levels each with 24 compartments


2 heights: 100 and 200 mm

Compartment sizes

2 compartments with guaranteed single withdrawal


Fit for the future: Entry into digital tool management is even easier with the rental scheme for the ARNO StoreManagerDUO.

NO-RISK BENEFITSwith the rental concept for the ARNO StoreManagerDUO

No service/maintenance/spare parts costs – the monthly rental covers it all

No-risk trial – you may return the device within the first 30 days after start-up

Low monthly rate which decreases as tool turnover rises – the rate is calculated and adapted based on the tool turnover (with ARNO) of the previous year

All basic functions are covered by the rental. This also applies to all software updates

services inclusive

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