Potential savings
1 millimetre less –
savings of 429,000 Euro.

The challenge: reduce groove widths, guarantee process reliability.

Every industrial company knows this problem: production costs rise faster than they can raise the prices of the products sold. This uneven development must be countered by introducing efficient processes and reducing costs. For example, a lot of material can be saved in grooving operations by reducing groove width – provided process reliability and tool life remain the same. To achieve this, the tool system, especially the overhang length, must be as short and therefore as rigid as possible. The cooling system must also function smoothly to remove chips despite the narrow groove and to reduce thermal stresses.


The ARNO solution: a combination of rigidity and efficient cooling.

ARNO flange mounted holders:
Tailored to the machine type in use
Extra short and absolutely rigid compared to conventional holders
There is one interface less

ARNO SA grooving modules:
As narrow as a grooving blade
As rigid as a monoblock holder

The ACS2 – ARNO Cooling System:
Less wear and good chip removal
Coolant hole fed directly through the insert seat for chip removal
Additional cooling of the tool flank from underneath

The result: enormous savings with identical tool life.

A combination of ARNO flange mounted holder, grooving module and ACS2 can reduce the groove width from 3 mm to 2 mm without reducing tool life. Grooving work continues smoothly. Another benefit is the fact that ACS gets the coolant underneath the swarf and guarantees optimum cutting conditions – wrong positioning of the coolant is not possible.

ARNO Systemhighlight
the connection
to maximum rigidity.

One interface less for more process reliability: with flange mounted holders for monoblock holders, grooving modules and grooving blades.

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ARNO Systemhighlight
the unrivalled

The ACS – ARNO Cooling System: the patented cooling system for efficient parting off, grooving and groove turning with the SA and SE grooving systems.

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