Potential savings
The turbo combination
for Swiss type machines.

The challenge

Swiss type machines pose special problems to users due to their limited space. In many cases, installing and adjusting coolant supply and replacing inserts is a difficult and time-consuming operation. This causes unnecessarily long machine downtimes and, in the worst case, even production errors.

The solution: A combination of AFC tool holders and AWL sliding heads.

AFC for fast and easy tool changes – thanks to the two-part tool holder where only the front part needs to be removed to carry out the change; available with ACS cooling system

AWL for efficient cooling without complex connection of the internal cooling system – thanks to sliding heads with integrated coolant supply

It gets even better with the ACS – ARNO Cooling System which offers effective cooling – besides the AFC tool holders, all existing ARNO monoblock holders can be fitted with ACS1 and ACS2 cooling

The result

By combining AFC tool holders with AWL sliding heads, tool changes and adjusting the coolant supply become simple, fast and reliable. In addition, the ACS – ARNO Cooling System achieves very long tool life. As a result processes run smoothly, quality is outstanding and downtimes are reduced.

ARNO Systemhighlight
the unrivalled

The ACS – ARNO Cooling System: the patented cooling system for efficient parting off, grooving and groove turning with the SA and SE grooving systems.

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ARNO Systemhighlight
Swiss type machining,
fast changes.

AFC tool holders: the revolution in fast tool changes – patent applied.

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cool right
from the start.

AWL sliding head: with integrated coolant supply – patent applied.

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