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Interview with: Dieter Wollensack, Sales Manager South at ARNO Werkzeuge.

“A 300 per cent longer tool life is almost always achievable.”

Why should a customer opt for ARNO when it comes to parting off and grooving solutions?

Because we can cover an enormous range of applications. Many customers do not know that we are genuine grooving specialists. Our tools up to a diameter of 65 mm perform at least as good as our competitors‘ tools and often even much better than our competitors. This is not just what we claim, it has been proven in daily prac­tice by our customers. A 300 per cent longer tool life is almost always achievable – provided of course that rigidity remains the same or even better. So it’s no wonder that customers who switch over to our system are extremely satisfied.

300 per cent longer tool life – how is that possible?

Well, many factors play a role here. It starts with consulting the customer on site. We always review the system as a whole. Only when everything in the machine is perfectly matched down to the tool can we guarantee reliable processes – and that’s what it all comes down to. Of course, we know that grooving processes are complex and few are willing to change them. That’s why we take a very close look and then advise the customer to only change something when it’s really worth it. Luckily this is quite often the case thanks to the quality and precision of our systems in combination with our ACS cooling system.

In the meantime many products have internal cooling. Why is the ARNO system better?

Very simple: the coolant hole is going directly through the insert seat. Firstly, it improves chip removal and secondly it almost completely avoids outbreaks and the formation of build-up edges. No other system manages this as well since no other system get‘s the coolant as precisely in the cutting zone as our system. And that will remain so since we developed and patented this form of cooling – we’re simply the only manufacturer to offer this cooling system. In the meantime, we’ve launched the ACS2 – it has an additional coolant hole which cools the tool flank from underneath. This improves tool life even more.

What are the trends in the parting off and grooving sector?

The future will focus more and more on saving material by applying narrow grooving and parting off. And efficient cooling is the key to stable processes. With ACS2 we are in a great position here. But of course we’re not going to leave it at that. In collaboration with Rosswag Engineering, we have now launched the world’s first 3D-printed modules produced in series. They’re very narrow but still have two coolant holes. The one underneath the tool flank is even triangular so that the coolant reaches the outermost part of the cutting edge. That’s just impossible using conventional manufacturing processes. And we’re already working on prototypes with additional holes on the sides so that there will be a total of four coolant holes.

4 coolant holes and even one with a triangular shape – that sounds great but what does this really mean?

They reduce thermal stresses and at a result there is less wear. At the same time, it’s even easier to remove the chip out of the groove. This is particularly important for deep grooving or for working with materials that are difficult to machine. It shows, that we have a lot of things to offer regarding innvoations and they all aim to increase the productivity of our customers.

ARNO Systemhighlight
the connection
to maximum rigidity.

One interface less for more process reliability: with flange mounted holders for monoblock holders, grooving modules and grooving blades.

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Flange mounted holder with grooving module
ARNO Systemhighlight

The ACS – ARNO Cooling System: the patented cooling system for efficient parting off, grooving and groove turning with the SA and SE grooving systems.

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ACS cooling System for grooving and parting off
ARNO Systemhighlight
Innovation: a coolant hole
with edges and corners.

The first series-produced additive manufactured tool in the world: the ACS2-module with an additional triangular-shaped coolant hole ensures maximum cooling through to the edge.

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3D printed module

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