If you have a Swiss type machine,
you should get to know ARNO.

Interview with: Klaus-Dieter Krüger, Sales Manager North at ARNO Werkzeuge
on clever ARNO solutions for Swiss type machining.


ARNO Sales Manager North, Klaus-Dieter Krüger talking to a customer
»Companies who use AFC never want to give it up!!«

Why should customers opt for ARNO when they require Swiss type machining applications?

I can think of many reasons why. For example, Swiss type machines are almost always used in mass production. That’s where our SA and SE grooving systems achieve extremely long tool life. Most applications deal with the production of filigree shapes – and our inserts with the PS-geometry are perfectly designed for this task. We score with our high-positive indexable inserts when it comes to materials that are difficult to machine – in fact we have the greatest diversity world-wide. And as tool changing and adjusting coolant supply is always an inconvenient error-prone issue due to the limited space inside machines, we developed the AFC holder and the AWL sliding head. Together they form a genuine revolutionary system for Swiss type machines.

A revolutionary system for Swiss type machines – that sounds exciting. What’s behind all this?

AFC stands for ARNO Fast Change. And that’s exactly what it is: a two-part tool holder for extremely fast, simple and reliable tool changes. The special features of the AWL sliding head is the integrated coolant supply. Of course, the AFC holder and AWL sliding head can be used separately – but when they’re combined, they achieve maximum results – it’s so simple and convenient.

A sliding head with internal cooling – that means internal cooling doesn’t need a separate set-up for each tool? No complex hose assemblies any more?

Exactly. That’s what so brilliant about it. Coolant supply can be connected on five sides, depending on the machine. Cooling can also be cut off, even partially. And everything is leak-proof and totally without a jumble of hoses. Another clever thing is the clamping claws with side screws on the head. They’re extremely compact, in fact they’re only 5.5 mm high and their clamping force is superb.

What’s so special about AFC holders?

The two-part holders make tool changing a sure thing – anybody can do it. Only the front part needs to be removed to replace the insert. When the two holder parts are plugged back together, they are immediately connected by an O-ring to prevent the tool from falling into the machine accidentally. The floating mount makes the parts fit together perfectly. It compensates for the offset angle so we achieve a high level of repeatability. Customers who already use AFC holders really appreciate them. They wouldn’t replace them for the world!

Is it worth while switching over to ARNO even if it wasn’t for AFC holders or AWL sliding heads?

Of course it is! Our SA and SE grooving systems can take on any competitors‘ product – we are genuine grooving specialists and our patented ACS cooling system offers benefits which nobody else can. On average, we achieve a longer tool life of 300%. And when it comes to difficult shapes and materials that are difficult to machine, our range of inserts with the PS-geometry and high-positive indexable inserts is unbeatable. Summarizing, if you have a Swiss type machine, you should get to know ARNO.

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The unrivalled cooling.

The ACS – ARNO Cooling System: the patented cooling system for efficient parting off, grooving and groove turning with the SA and SE grooving systems.

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Top form for
Swiss type machines.

Your Swiss type machining specialists: indexable inserts with PS geometries and high-positive indexable inserts for high surface quality.

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