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Interview: Simon Lang, Product Manager Tool Management Systems at ARNO Werkzeuge.

Simon Lang, Product Manager Tool Management Systems at ARNO Werkzeuge
»It’s so easy to use. Absolutely anybody can do it straight away.«

Why should a customer opt for an automated tool management system from ARNO?

Simply because our automated tool management systems are easy to operate, sturdy, compact and absolutely flexible. For example, the compartments are individually configurable depending on the items stocked. By the way, the customer is totally free to decide here – he’s not dependent on ARNO Werkzeuge. Whether he stocks tools, office materials or personal protective clothing, he has guaranteed individual removal and absolute cost transparency – and he can also rely on our typical ARNO service, For example, we make sure that our StoreManagers can be integrated in more or less any production environment by offering the right interface options. As far as I know, no other company offers such an overall package of hardware, software and service.

Guaranteed individual removal – what exactly does that entail?

On the bottom line, it means that the customer has genuine overall control. Before an item is removed from the cabinet, it must first be selected and only then does the compartment open. This is an integrated part of the software. So the customer knows at all times when, who, what item and why an item was removed and by whom. This is vital to identify and optimise potential savings in the long term. It eliminates tool loss and avoids double or incorrect repeat orders.

But is an automated tool management system really worth it for all companies?

Definitely yes! When you have overall control, costs go down automatically. You only have to think how much time an employee spends every day searching for tools. Add to that how often machines suffer downtimes because of missing tools: you’ll soon realise how fast you can amortise the investment in an automated tool management system. If the initial investment is too high, we offer StoreManagerDUO on a rental basis. We even offer a 30-day trial phase – entry into Tool Management 4.0 doesn’t get any easier than that.

StoreManagerDUO – what’s really behind this and are there any variants?

The DUO is a combined carousel and drawer system to store both small and large items in one cabinet. The DUO is particularly interesting for smaller firms but it cannot also be used for separate production cells in large companies. The PRO is our carousel system which has up to 2,160 compartments on a very small footprint. And the START is the drawer variant for larger parts. So we offer the right system for any requirement and they are all easy to use. Even somebody who has never worked with the system before could retrieve a particular tool right away.

Before, you mentioned the typical ARNO Service – can you say exactly what this is?

We always try to make work as easy as possible for our customers. For example, if a customer wants to control his paternoster from the StoreManager, we adapt the system at a fair price. I’ve heard of suppliers who ask an astronomical price for this. That’s not the way we do it. We want to build long-term partnerships and support our customers. For example, it also means that we import existing tool data into the StoreManager system. This makes it very easy for the customer when he first starts using the system.

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Plenty of storage space
for every workshop.

Four systems for all requirements: The carousel system in the StoreManagerPRO is rugged and space-saving. StoreManagerSTART is the ideal addition for large items. StoreManagerDUO combines both systems in one and is therefore perfect for small companies or production cells. The StoreManagerLOCKER is a locker system and, thanks to its charging option in the compartment, is predestined for portable electrical devices such as cordless screwdrivers or tablets.

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Compartments of the carousel system with articles
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made easy.

Whether you opt for RFID chip or fingerprint sensor, you have full access control to StoreManagers and a quick overview of tool consumption. A software module lets you make settings from the convenience of your workplace PC.

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RFID reader for access control
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in all directions.

The ARNO StoreManager is so flexible: it can simply be integrated in any type of company structure – with interfaces to all common ERP and tool management systems. The ARNO StoreManager also adapts flexibly to new challenges and are expandable at any time, even across several locations.

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