SA and SE grooving systems
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SA- und SE-Stechsysteme

Extremely efficient and flexible for parting off and grooving: the ARNO SA grooving system.

When it comes to efficiency, our SA system is almost unbeatable for parting off and grooving. The rigid insert clamping guarantees maximum process reliability. It’s even better in combination with our patented ACS – ARNO Cooling System: it helps you to achieve an average of 300 per cent longer tool life in your grooving operations and can increase speed – even with narrow part-off operations or materials which are difficult to machine. An almost endless range of holders, blades and modules make SA a versatile tool system for parting off.

Soft cutting, high-positive, sharp and polished

Precise and cost-efficient due to directly pressed special geometries or ground for extreme precision. With SA/SE, you have access to a wide variety of geometries. Thus, both systems cover the machining applications for many materials - from low to high strength.

The versatile addition to parting off, grooving and copy turning: the ARNO SE groove turning system.

The SE groove turning system is your flexible solution for grooving operations and Swiss type turning. It offers absolute rigidity to withstand high shear loads. Strong tangential forces have no impact on these tools. This effectively reduces vibrations. Workpieces with a big radius can also be machined. The SE system is also convincing as it is so simple to handle and it offers long tool life – especially when combined with ACS1 which gets the coolant underneath the swarf.

profitable advantagesof ARNO SA and SE grooving systems

Tool life longer by an average of 300% – with ACS – ARNO Cooling System

Average of three times more productivity

Reliable processes at maximum productivity

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