Cutting inserts and tool holders with trough-tool coolant
Cool, where it
really matters.
Drehwerkzeugsystem - Wendeschneidplatten und Drehhalter

Optimal cooling, even when space is tight – thanks to cutting inserts with coolant channel for the ARNO AMS Mini-System.

Accurate coolant supply for maximum wear protection is easily achieved thanks to the AMS cutting inserts with coolant channel. For through-bores, coolant channels from above are ideal (IKO), as they move the chips forward away from the flute. For blind holes, however, coolant channels from the bottom (IKU) are the right choice, since they allow the chips to be guided behind the flute and flushed out.

Triple coolness: ARNO carrier tools for external machining with three coolant supplies.

Threefold cooling of the insert is guaranteed – three coolant supplies direct the coolant to the cutting zone, the chips are efficiently removed and the tool life is extended. Thanks to scaling, the coolant transfer together with the KMH tool holders from ARNO is easier than ever – without any troublesome hose connections and with absolute precision. If required, the coolant transfer can also be customised.

Three nozzles for smooth processes.
Drei Düsen gleichzeitig sorgen für eine effiziente Kühlung der Schneide und eine optimale Spanabfuhr

No less than three nozzles on the ARNO carrier tools for external machining ensure efficient cooling of the insert and optimum chip evacuation. Thanks to scaling, the coolant transfer from the ARNO KMH tool holder is extremely simple. The result: long tool life and reliable processes.

Optimum chip evacuation for safe drilling.
Zwei mögliche Anordnungen der Kühlmittelbohrungen für optimalen Verschleißschutz bei jeder Anwendung

Thanks to two possible positions for the coolant holes – either above (IKO) or below (IKU). This means the right cutting insert for optimum wear protection is always available for every application.

cool benefitsof ARNO carrier tools and cutting inserts with through-tool coolant

Guided coolant supply – requires no adjustment, eliminates errors

Longer tool life thanks to reduced wear

Optimal chip breakage and targeted chip evacuation

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