Sintered inserts for exotic materials
Exotic materials –
sharp solutions.
Wendeschneidplatte bei der Bearbeitung eines Werkstücks

Ideal for fine machining of high-temperature materials and stainless steels: high-positive indexable inserts with edge-honed executions from ARNO.

Do you need to process difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium and superalloys efficiently and with high precision? We have the solution: our high-positive indexable inserts with edge-honed executions. They are sharp enough to minimise the cutting force and, thanks to edge-honing, they also offer excellent edge stability. They are also optimally prepared for the poor thermal conductivity of exotic materials by means of suitable high-tech coatings.

The alternative for exotic materials: sintered inserts with special geometries from ARNO.

The negative NFT, NMT and NMT1 geometries are reliable, cost-effective problem-solvers for easier cutting and even roughing. The positive PMT1 geometry is optimised for the medium machining of super alloys. The new PSF geometry in AM5115 and AM5125 is for finishing thin-walled components. All are ideal for tough material thanks to excellent notch-wear and heat resistance. The special geometries ensure excellent chip control and thus absolute process reliability.

Always a sound choice for long tool life when working with exotic materials: ARNO carrier tools with through-tool coolant – the edge is effectively cooled and chips are optimally removed.

Keep things nice and smooth when it comes to exotic materials.
Hochpositive Wendeschneidplatten für exotische Werkstoffe

The high-positive ASF, ACB, AWI and ALU geometries with edge-honed inserts in combination with appropriate coatings are ideal for difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium and high-temperature super alloys.superalloys.

The specialists for when things get rough .
Gesinterte Wendeschneidplatten für exotische Werkstoffe

Whether Inconell or Hasteloy – high-temperature alloys and superalloys can be machined safely with our NFT, NMT and NMT1 geometries. These inserts shine even at high temperatures and with tough materials due to their extreme endurance.

efficient BENEFITSof ARNO indexable inserts for exotic materials

Long tool life thanks to excellent heat and notch-wear resistance

Avoidance of waste via safe processes and precise machining

Large selection – negative specialists for finishing to roughing, high-positive indexable inserts for superfinishing

services inclusive

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