FD-Milling system for HFC and square shoulder milling
Fast or fine? Both!
Schaft-, Einschraub- und Aufsteck-Trägerwerkzeuge des FD-Frässystems zum HFC- und Eckfräsen

The multifunctional system with four efficient cutting edges for HFC and square shoulder milling: the ARNO FD milling system.

Whether you require high speed HFC milling or prefer good surface finish: the FD milling system from ARNO is your solution. With a nickel-plated long-life holder for square shoulder milling and HFC indexable inserts, you are well equipped to do both, so achieving savings on holder costs and warehouse space. Integrated through tool cooling, Torx Plus® screws and unequal pitch of the flutes also ensure minimum vibration, long tool life and easy handling.

These indexable inserts come in sizes of either 10 mm or 15 mm. The smaller insert offers high surface quality due to the large wiper geometry where as the 15 mm insert is particularly strong and therefore ideal for rough cutting. Various geometries and grades provide absolute flexibility to match each application perfectly. The precision-engineered positive chip breakers for indexable inserts guarantee soft cutting. And the polished peripheral ground PMA geometry is ideal for machining aluminium and non-ferrous metals.


Reliable process - first-class workmanship for extremely high reliability in HFC machining

Twice as good - for square shoulder milling and HFC production

Economical - lower costs for tool holders and less tool storage capacity needed

services inclusive

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