Holders for back working
High speed on the backside – Standard and height-adjustable!
Harness expert support for greater efficiency in back working: ARNO’s standard holder and height-adjustable holder.

Fast tool changes, easy handling, high workpiece quality thanks to a secure tool seat - when it comes to back working, ARNO instantly puts you several steps ahead of the competition.

Take the ultra-fast tool change, for example: loosen just one screw for reduced machine downtime and shorter set-up times. You also benefit from greater process reliability because the holders are protected against chip build-up. 

You can choose between two versions:
Standard for Star and Citizen machines with Y2 axis and holders with precision height adjustment for machines made by manufacturers whose rear block is not adjustable by the machine’s control system. 

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With the height-adjustable holder, your Swiss auto lathe will write impressive success stories - even without a Y2 axis.

Sometimes the path to peak performance is quite simple.
The holder gives you a quick start and you also benefit from high process reliability. Optionally, you can even add performance-enhancing “wild cards” - such as connecting a high-pressure cooling system.

You only need three components: base holder, top holder and coolant nozzle.
Use a dial gauge off-machine to set the exact tool height. Get started now with efficient back working using ARNO tools. 


A spacer plate lets you extend the tool length by 11 mm as required. It is fitted together with the basic holder and remains on the machine when the tool is changed. Everything is very simple but ensures process reliability


The basis for a secure seat on machines made by Citizen, Hanwha, Doosan, Maier, Star, Tornos, Gildemeister DMG and Tsugami. Tool changes are carried out at high speed since you only need to loosen one screw on the dovetail guide between the base and top holders. 



Holders for turning are available with positive ISO indexable inserts, ISO threading, parting-off and boring bar holders. Combination holders and clamping inserts are available for the ARNO Mini inserts. We also offer internally cooled collet holders for drilling. 



If necessary, you can reliably cool the tool cutting edges with an optional coolant supply attachment. The adjustable cooling nozzle supplies coolant precisely to the cutting edge at high or low pressure. Greater process reliability and longer service life for your tools. 


More solutions for swiss type machining

With ARNO you benefit from reliable processes, long tool life, a revolutionary tool changing system and more productivity in your Swiss type machining production shop.

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AFC tool holder and AWL sliding head with integrated coolant supply:
the revolution for fast tool changes.

Swiss type machines are great and also easy to operate – the only thing is that tool changes are complicated. There is simply too little space. That is why machine operators need more time and easily make mistakes. That was the reason for developing the AFC. The two-part shank system and the floating mount make tool changes much simpler, faster and above all more precise than before. Besides this, we also took a good look at cooling. AWL sliding heads do not have anymore jumble of hoses. Everything is leak-proof and coolant supply can even be partially cut off if not everything needs to be cooled.


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Efficient thanks to 3-edged inserts; fast tool changes and rigid due to the Torx-Plus screw clamping system to offer optimised clamping and insert location: The ATS system for external parting off has many strengths. One of them is versatility: the countersunk clamping screw and the compact design make the ATS system ideal for applications like shoulder grooving or Swiss type machining.

This tool system works with low cutting pressure and excels on contours, the seats of O-rings and retaining rings, even with full profiles, as well as on special threads, thin-walled parts and other specialities. The optimised coolant supply to the cutting edge and tool flank ensure smooth chip evacuation and long tool life.


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High-performance machining - maximum stability for high cutting speeds

Optimised design - designed in cooperation with the machine manufacturers

Long-lasting - holders supplied with carbide shims to protect the insert pocket

services inclusive

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