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The challenge:

The machining of austenitic stainless steels can lead to chipping problems if sub-optimal tools are used. This can have serious consequences, especially when long chips get wound around the component. The surface of the workpiece can become damaged and the machine must be stopped to remedy the jammed chip – a double cost factor.


The ARNO solution:

100% process reliability thanks to inserts with positive PM1 geometry in type AM2130 from ARNO – the perfect combination for stainless steel:

  • The tool life is increased by 90% through the use of the ARNO indexable insert – this reduces both tool costs and set-up times.
  • The quality is improved across the board – thanks to the consistently high surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the workpieces.
  •  No more downtime caused by long chips – the indexable insert from ARNO ensures absolutely smooth processes and short chips, while remaining cost-effective.

The result:

Shorter set-up times, increased tool life and low tooling costs provide enormous savings potential. This example clearly shows that the use of indexable inserts whose geometries and types are optimally matched to the application is definitely worthwhile. Do you also want to benefit from our custom solutions? We’ll be glad to advise you!

ARNO Systemhighlight

Ideal for long-chipping materials, thin-walled components and optimal surface qualities – high-positive indexable inserts with sharp edge executions from ARNO.

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mega selection –
and every insert is a champ.

From precision machining of thin-walled workpieces to roughing of large components, ARNO has the optimum indexable insert for every application.

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