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Parting and Grooving

Perfection: ARNO tools in use!

Catalogue Parting and Grooving v.III
- Parting-off blades
- NC modules
• MICRO Tools
• Cutting inserts

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NC-grooving system | Info
ARNO®- NC-grooving system:
A variety of tools and applications…
A tool system that meets the highest requirements. Extremely easy installation with maximum variety. A tool holder becomes a universally utilizable tool system due to the rapid changing of the individual components. Various cutting tools for use with specially developed cutting inserts

A variety of tools and applications. Various cutting tools for use with specially developed cutting inserts..

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ARNO® SIN-boring bars
The innovation in internal machining
Performance tooling for the grooving application.
  • SIN boring bars enable very accurate machining
  • Minimum bore diameter and maximum groove depth
  • Precision inserts for all applications and materials
  • ARNO® - chip breakers for manufacturing secure machining
  • Maximum tool life – through tool,- through the clamp coolant straight on the cutting edge.

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Excellent stability and cutting performance Innovative tooling for the grooving application.
  • High performance potential due to compact and rigid design
  • Excellent reliability due to the tight clamping of the insert
  • Maximum tool life – central coolant supply through the clamp straight onto the insert.

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Abstechhalter Daewoo/Doosan
ARNO®DROP-CUT®tools and inserts for parting-off:
Slim and strong design for parting-off between large jaws on main and sub-spindle. The part-off holders “HDD-BMT55-SDand HDD-BMT65-SDS” are height adjustable especially designed for easy mounting of the ARNO® DROP-CUT® modules. The double sided module location ensures possible part-off on both main and sub-spindle. Coolant is provided by the ARNO® patented adjustable coolant jet straight to the cutting edge and inside the part-off groove. Precise positioning of the inserts, available both as sintered and ground versions as well as selection of widths, grades and geometries, is due to the double prismatic insert location and the fixed insert stop.

Flyer 4-Page

SHORT-Cut® | Info
Robust cutter for axial and radial machining
Extremely high degree of stability due to the short overhang. Optimum clamping of the cutting plate due to the ideal leverage effect of the patented clamping system. …with geometries that have been specially developed for the powerful SHORT-CUT® system.

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Robust cutter for axial and radial machining.

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DROP-Cut® | Info
DROP-Cut® „drop cutting can be so simple“!
• Positioning of the indexable insert via dual prism guidance and a fix-stop limit.
• Polished or sintered one-sided cutting inserts in
various cutting widths (2.1 mm, 3.1 mm and 4.1 mm)
• Large variety of different types and chip breakers
• Mechanical clamping
• Robust holders with a variety of shank cross-sections..

Quickly fitted – compatible with a variety of different tool holders.n.

„Drop cutting can be so simple"! Tools and indexable insert are quickly fitted – compatible with a variety of different tool holders.

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[ Keep Cool ] Clamping Block
The clamping block with an integrated ARNO® coolant system. A specially developed clamping block with an ARNO® coolant nozzle for distinctly longer tool lives through inner cooling.

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Lower your costs with the new CLIP-GROOVE
… versatile and rational in use

• 3-edged indexable inserts in various
grooving widths
• very easy handling for internal and external machining
• quick chucking and changing of the indexable insert
• optimum shape and non-positive connection of the indexable insert by means of vice clamping
• various shaped grooves with just one tool

Reduce your costs with the new CLIP-GROOVE
… versatile and rational in use

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MICRO Tools | Info
For further information please see our catalogue "Grooving and Parting"


VHM-Axial tools | Info
VHM axial cutting tool: VHM cutting inserts for tools with a diameter of 15 mm upwards and groove depths of up to 30 mm.
Internal coolant feed for guaranteed optimum cooling at the cutter and dependable chip conveyance.

• polished finish
• micro-grain hard metal
• with an internal coolant feed
• cylindrical shank with clamping surface
• coated and non-coated finish
• special finishes possible on request

VHM cutting inserts for tools with a diameter of 15 mm upwards and groove depths of up to 30 mm.

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